Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 6 By Ashley Fizer

Last Week's Tasks We Accomplished:
* Finished mural mock-ups
* Began mural production by priming panels
* Picked color scheme for mural panels
* completed Career Coaching assignments given by Manpower volunteers

This Week's Tasks We Will Accomplish:
* Career coaching at Manpower
* Transfer mural designs from the mock-ups to the mural panels
* Format pictures to be used in mural
* Determine image layers (for foreground, middle ground, and background).

Employability Skills We Practiced Last Week and Will Continue This Week:
* Communication
* Critical thinking
* Initiative
* Collaboration
* Problem solving
* Constructive Criticism
* Brainstorming
* Informal performance feedback
* Project Management -- Meeting deadlines

Ashley's Thoughts About Project Progress:
I think that we are doing a great job keeping the pace of this project, even after losing another teammate. When hearing that a teammate resigned last week, it seem that this project would not get done. But every one here is keeping a positive mind and we are going to get this done successfully.

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