Friday, April 23, 2010

Apprentice Artist Statement

Your Life, Your Future, Your Choice

We made this mural to show the good and bad in life, and the different possibilities of what can happen. Sometimes doing the wrong thing is easier than doing the right thing. It’s important for teens to finish high school so they can enjoy life without “looking over their shoulder.” We want to keep our community safe and our youth on track.

We made this mural by first learning about the neighborhood – We had guest speakers and did research. Then we brainstormed design ideas and created “mock-ups” of our designs. Then we presented our mock-ups to our customer to get their constructive criticism. Next we redesigned the mural on a “life-sized” scale. Then we transferred our designs onto Masonite panels, and chose our color scheme. Finally we started painting the mural and added large photos to finish the mural. We worked together to do problem solving and to deal with last-minute changes.

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