Friday, April 23, 2010

Apprentice Artist Statement

Your Life, Your Future, Your Choice

We made this mural to show the good and bad in life, and the different possibilities of what can happen. Sometimes doing the wrong thing is easier than doing the right thing. It’s important for teens to finish high school so they can enjoy life without “looking over their shoulder.” We want to keep our community safe and our youth on track.

We made this mural by first learning about the neighborhood – We had guest speakers and did research. Then we brainstormed design ideas and created “mock-ups” of our designs. Then we presented our mock-ups to our customer to get their constructive criticism. Next we redesigned the mural on a “life-sized” scale. Then we transferred our designs onto Masonite panels, and chose our color scheme. Finally we started painting the mural and added large photos to finish the mural. We worked together to do problem solving and to deal with last-minute changes.

More Pics from Mural Ramp-Up

Friday, April 16, 2010

Apprentice Career Coaching with Manpower, Inc.

Apprentices Vanessa, Devonte and Ashley arrive early for their Career Coaching session and hang out in the Manpower HQ lobby.
Apprentice Quinton reviews his Career Coaching notes before the session begins.
Apprentice Vanessa with her Career Coach Pam Brown.
Apprentice Quinton with his Career Coach Van Johnson.
Apprentice Devonte with his Career Coach Dennes Skaros
Apprentice Ashley with her Career Coach, Sue Huhn

As part of the Spring 2010 programming cycle, each ArtWorks Apprentice was paid to participate in a Career Coaching program offered in a partnership between ArtWorks for Milwaukee, Inc. and Manpower, Inc.

Each ArtWorks Apprentice was paired up 1-on-1 with a Manpower volunteer. Together during a series of 4 Career Coaching sessions, they discussed the career coaching needs of each Apprentice and decided on which 3 of the following 5 topics to cover:

1. Career Exploration – What Careers Are Available and Best For Me?

2. Learning Choices After High School – College and Other Options

3. Resume Writing

4. Interviewing

5. Basic Financial Literacy

ArtWorks is so grateful to Manpower for providing our Apprentices with these additional job readiness services!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

Week 7: By Adrian Gozalez

Last Week's Tasks:
  • Picked colors for painting.
  • Planned out process for painting panels.
  • Transferred designs to panels.
  • Began painting panels.
  • Blog updates.
  • Career coaching @Manpower.
  • Informal performance feedback from lead artist.
Last Week's Employability Skills:
  • Math and Measurement-Planning out how to use images on panels.
  • Problem solving.
  • Analyzing production process.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Listening and communicating.
  • Research.
  • Professionalism.
  • Constructive criticism.
This Week's Tasks:
  • Continue production of panels, including Painting & Drawing
  • Start thinking about how to present the finished mural to the customer: Presentation? Written collaborative statement
This Week's Employability Skills:
  • All the same employability skills as last week except Research
  • Additional skills will include: Meeting deadlines, collaboration for production
Personal thoughts about the program from Adrian Gonzalez:
This is a great opportunity because I met new poeple who are unique and also helpful. My bosses help us achieve our goals. I've learned how to be open to new people.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 6 By Ashley Fizer

Last Week's Tasks We Accomplished:
* Finished mural mock-ups
* Began mural production by priming panels
* Picked color scheme for mural panels
* completed Career Coaching assignments given by Manpower volunteers

This Week's Tasks We Will Accomplish:
* Career coaching at Manpower
* Transfer mural designs from the mock-ups to the mural panels
* Format pictures to be used in mural
* Determine image layers (for foreground, middle ground, and background).

Employability Skills We Practiced Last Week and Will Continue This Week:
* Communication
* Critical thinking
* Initiative
* Collaboration
* Problem solving
* Constructive Criticism
* Brainstorming
* Informal performance feedback
* Project Management -- Meeting deadlines

Ashley's Thoughts About Project Progress:
I think that we are doing a great job keeping the pace of this project, even after losing another teammate. When hearing that a teammate resigned last week, it seem that this project would not get done. But every one here is keeping a positive mind and we are going to get this done successfully.