Friday, April 16, 2010

Apprentice Career Coaching with Manpower, Inc.

Apprentices Vanessa, Devonte and Ashley arrive early for their Career Coaching session and hang out in the Manpower HQ lobby.
Apprentice Quinton reviews his Career Coaching notes before the session begins.
Apprentice Vanessa with her Career Coach Pam Brown.
Apprentice Quinton with his Career Coach Van Johnson.
Apprentice Devonte with his Career Coach Dennes Skaros
Apprentice Ashley with her Career Coach, Sue Huhn

As part of the Spring 2010 programming cycle, each ArtWorks Apprentice was paid to participate in a Career Coaching program offered in a partnership between ArtWorks for Milwaukee, Inc. and Manpower, Inc.

Each ArtWorks Apprentice was paired up 1-on-1 with a Manpower volunteer. Together during a series of 4 Career Coaching sessions, they discussed the career coaching needs of each Apprentice and decided on which 3 of the following 5 topics to cover:

1. Career Exploration – What Careers Are Available and Best For Me?

2. Learning Choices After High School – College and Other Options

3. Resume Writing

4. Interviewing

5. Basic Financial Literacy

ArtWorks is so grateful to Manpower for providing our Apprentices with these additional job readiness services!

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