Monday, March 22, 2010

Week #4 By: Ken'Drella & Ashley

Last Week - Tasks
- Presented mural design ideas to the customer
- Worked on constructive critism
- Finalized the mural design, based on customer feedback

Last Week -Employability Skills
- Critical thinking
- Public speaking
- Mural collaboration & communication
- Meeting deadlines

This Week -Tasks
- Career Coaching @ Manpower
- Pay day on Friday!
- Start mural production
*mixing colors
*image printing investigation
*priming panels
- Performance evaluations on Wednesday and Friday this week: We could earn a raise!
- Goal setting check-in: How are we doing in mastering the goals we set for ourselves on day 1?

This Weeks -Employability Skills
- Listening
- Constructive Critism
-Production & Planning
*how we will work together to get work done

Comments from Apprentices about the program:
When presenting the idea's to the customer, I did not think they would like any of the ideas that we came up with. When they said they actually liked it and they felt they had a hard decision to make, it made me very proud. I really feel good about myself and my teamates. Very glad I was part of this project. I'm psyched!!
-Ashley Fizer

Last week after the big persentation to the customer when my HEART came out of my STOMACH my only thought was getting to Manpower and working with my Career Coach. I'm Very Excited!!!!!!!!
-Ken'Drella Keeler

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