Monday, March 8, 2010

Safe Place Mural Blog: By Adrian and Tyrone

Accomplishments from Week 1:
  • The first day was employee orientation. It was good information. We met everybody. It was kind of boring but we learned a lot of things.
  • For the rest of the week we learned about Safe Places, crime data analysis, how to use compass, and different art styles.
  • The employability skills we practiced were: Communication (talking and listening), working together/collaboration, geting to work on time, filling out time sheets, and customer service.
Program Plans for Week 2:
  • We started our program blog and got our uniforms on Monday.
  • This week we will also begin career coaching at Manpower, Inc., and we will receive informal performance feedback from our manager Katie.
  • We will continue to learn art techniques, and will begin to critique each others' work.

Our thoughts about the program so far:

  • A team picture will be posted soon!
  • So far the programs seems alright (Tyrone), Katie and Meghan are cool (Adrian), but we don't really know what to expect (Adrian and Tyrone).

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